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A director, a pedagogical coordinator, our full time teachers, our secretary, our finance administrative, an accountant, a lawyer and the cleaning ladies, are the ones who daily put all their efforts in the growth of Portuguese School, in permanent harmony with the philosophy of our culture of values.

Message from the Director

A long time ago I had a dream, in 2011 this dream came true and became a company, then the baby that is now Portuguese School was born. Now this baby has 10 years of experience, more than 300 students worldwide, from more than 50 nationalities, a team carefully choosen from more than 300 applications received per open position, five starts rating in every platforms, and the expansion going on!
I have chosen for our permanent team, people whose culture of values ​​fit into all the points of our culture of values, and still endowed with a sense of ethics and unequivocal respect, who deserve our trust and who honor their commitments in exclusivity, with dedication and effortlessly, being fun, engaging, trustworthy, honest, and kind in dealing with all the students and peers.
Grateful to all our Portuguese Schools community, for making my dream come true!
Message from the Pedagogical Coordinator:
Olá 🙂
My name is Daniela Cerqueira Pissarra and I am the pedagogical coordinator of Portuguese School.
Proudly, I have taught portuguese as a foreign language, for more than 10 years now, to students from more than 40 nations, who learn portuguese for many purposes.
I created the original Portuguese School’s own rigorous and fun teaching method.
As an absolute passionate teacher nowadays I teach at least one student or group of each level (A1 to C2) because I also believe that the best way to inspire the teachers that we have carefully chosen for our team, is sharing with them my permanent experience.
Daily I teach how to teach, I create new dynamics and pedagogical contents, from books to grammar, I speak to all our students and listen to their feedbacks, and I teach!
O entusiasmo da aprendizagem no aluno é o resultado de um professor apaixonado por ensinar.
Daniela Cerqueira Pissarra

Our culture of values:

We believe that our great responsibility is towards families.
Family for us starts with the concept of individual. The student who alone or accompanied by one or more elements chooses to be part of the Portuguese School’s family and the collaborator who is carefully selected for their personal and professional characteristics to be part of the foundations of this house.
The Portuguese School family are also the families of each of the members of our team, who wear our jersey and for whom we also roll up our sleeves every day.
Our commitment:
For each of these individuals with personal desires, dreams and ambitions, we establish our first commitment, that of a daily dedication to each of your presence with us.
For the perfect satisfaction of our students, our feeling is the duty to look, listen and feel carefully and to value each of their achievements without restriction, restructuring our methods without delay, whenever we feel necessary, so that their goals also be ours.
Our duties and conduct:
All our actions are aimed at allowing everyone to find in us the active support of a constant harmony in which we strive daily to improve, sustainably reducing costs, so that we can provide our students with an excellent price-quality relationship, and an excellent remuneration package, organization and safe working conditions, incentives and working environment for all who are part of our team, while respecting their personal and family needs, as well as their professional ambitions, which also become our ambitions.
It is our duty to regularly accompany our students and employees in order to question them and listen to their suggestions, as well as to correct everything that is within our reach.
We must also provide our students with raising levels whenever it proves pertinent and our employees have access to equal opportunities for work and promotion, whenever their skills justify it.

Our team:

For this reason, we have chosen for our permanent team, people whose culture of values ​​fit into all the above points and still endowed with a sense of ethics and unequivocal respect, who deserve our trust and who honor their commitments in exclusivity, with dedication and effortlessly, being trustworthy, honest, trustworthy and kind in dealing with their peers.

We and the community:

Our sense of community must also be on the agenda, in order to live up to the motto that “more than a school, an extraordinary community” and that is why we should whenever possible engage in actions that promote the connection with community, often promoting solidarity actions.
Our materials:
We must value each piece of paper we use, respecting the small details that will certainly lead to the best comfort for everyone and the environment.
Valuing ideas:
We must respect the functions assigned to each of the elements that proudly form part of our organization chart, feeling that our ideas will have space to be heard and applied and therefore always keeping our creativity alive.
We must remain in constant proactivity towards constant innovation in the pedagogical processes and in the expansion of our activity around the world. We must be together to face adverse times, preparing reservations to ensure it.

Us and Portuguese culture:

It is our duty to teach Portuguese as a foreign language, with the necessary rigor for students to acquire solid skills, with a focus on ensuring that they can use them in different contexts of their real lives, with hospitality , kindness and sympathy that are so appreciated by those who choose to learn the Portuguese language, because they are so identified with Portuguese culture.
In short…
Because after all, if we are here, it is because our presence is very important, since it shares all the values ​​above and whoever chooses to be part of this family identifies fully with each one of them!

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