Portuguese Group face to face

Maximum of six students per teacher.

Because we believe that this is the number that allows the teacher to know each student very well! We know the quality is higher because it gives us the possibility to manage the contents and the lessons according to each group, respecting not only the group characteristics, but also each student as an individual.

The teacher follows the students, keeping always in mind the student’s goals, and adapts to them the best Portuguese School’s teaching methods for face to face lessons, always in contact with the pedagogical coordinator, who is monthly creating new dynamics, so that all the students have the chance to interact directly with the community!

Let us go to the market? Let us go to an art gallery? What about just invite a different portuguese person for an informal talk? These are some of the many various dynamics that we have already had with most of our students! And we really believe on the effects 🙂

All very structured, following the recommendations of the European Languages Framework.

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